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Free Spotify for Times Digital subsribers in the UK

The Next Web - Almost four years after The Times and Sunday Times went behind a paywall, the UK-based publication is hooking up with Spotify to offer one year’s free Premium subscription to the music-streaming service.

Spotify says it’s the first such partnership it has entered with a media owner anywhere in the world, though it has in fact forged similar partnerships with mobile and broadband providers before. The latest offer will be available to both new and existing subscribers who sign-up to a year-long Times and Sunday Times’ Digital pack, which costs £6 per week, or the Ultimate Pack for £8 per week. Read more »

Can Prem Watsa, Canada’s Warren Buffett, Save BlackBerry?

The Verge - Prem Watsa, the Indian-born billionaire whose Fairfax Financial made a bid to buy BlackBerry today, has acquired a sort of legendary status. It began with the rags-to-riches tale of a young student who turned his back on chemical engineering school, eventually becoming one of Canada’s wealthiest investors. It grew when in 2007, he correctly predicted that the subprime mortgage market would collapse. And it reached a peak with his bold bet on the ailing Bank of Ireland, a move that paid off handsomely. Read more »

SteamOS Will Bring PC Gaming to the Living Room

Valve, which runs the successful gaming marketplace Steam, announced a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS on Monday, which lets you stream Windows and Mac video games from your computer to a TV.

Steam OS will be offered as a free standalone operating system “soon” and is a part of Steam’s larger effort to extend the PC gaming experience to the living room. Major game developers are already signed on and will run on SteamOS starting in 2014, the company said. Find out more on Mashable »

Free Download: The Essential PowerPoint Template for Killer SlideShare Presentations

HubSpot - Designing a PowerPoint from scratch isn’t ideal for most marketers. Though some of us may have some flair for design, it can be pretty daunting to create an engaging, interactive SlideShare presentation from start to finish.

To make sure you’re set up for SlideShare success, follow the steps in this free template. We’ll help you figure out the slide design elements, then combine them in different layouts, and then take care of some SlideShare-specific technical skills. Download it here »

Flipboard Brings Its Mobile Magazines To The Web

TechCrunch - Flipboard started on mobile devices, but the magazine app is moving to the web today with the launch of a new site. Its 75 million registered users will be getting access to its superior formatting and curation features for articles, photos and video on their desktops and laptops.

But why the web? Find out »

The API-Economy is Coming and Fast

VentureBeat - In little more than a decade, application programming interfaces (APIs) have transitioned from relative obscurity to become the “digital glue” that empowers developers to create new software applications, partnerships and even new businesses. This business-to-developer (B2D) market is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing opportunities within cloud computing, and one we’re particularly excited about at Bessemer Venture Partners. Read more »

The Best Photo Apps for Keeping Your Memories in the Cloud

The Verge - The internet was always supposed to give us a hassle-free way to store and manage our stuff — but in practice, even storing photos and videos has remained a massive headache. Just as services like Apple’s Photo Stream have popularized the power of cloud storage, they have also revealed its limitations. Huge RAW image sizes, duplicate photos, 1080p videos, and years of library database bloat were all good reasons to just leave the photos sitting on your hard drive — and pray the drive didn’t stop working before you backed it all up. Read more »

Google Explains How Project Loon Smart Balloons ‘flock’ to Deliver Consistent Internet Coverage

The Next Web - Google launched one its most ambitious project to date when it unveiled Project Loon, its long-term project to provide balloon-powered Internet across the world, in June.

Loon is one of the Internet giant’s potentially world-changing efforts since it could bring millions of people in remote places online for the first time, but many have wondered how the floating, mesh-like network could deliver stable Internet coverage when taking into account factors like wind. Read more »

Can Two-Factor Authentication Keep Your Company’s Data Safe?

Mashable - The idea behind two-factor authentication is that in addition to your regular password, users need to provide an additional bit of information when logging into a service or application. This information is usually a one-time password that is generated either using a mobile app or a physical device such as the YubiKey. Sometimes, those one-time passwords are sent via text message to a user’s mobile phone. Read more »

Rumors Suggest O2 Will Launch its UK 4G Network Tomorrow: EE Will Finally Have a Competitor

The Next Web - O2, the UK subsidiary of Spanish operator Telefonica, is expected to launch its 4G LTE service in the UK tomorrow, which would finally provide a challenger to EE’s sole offering in the market.

According to multiple industry insiders, the company will launch the service on Thursday with SIM-only plans starting from £26 per month. Read more »

Developers Are Lifting The Cloud, Not The Other Way Around

TechCrunch - For all the attention this week about the cloud, it’s evident that it is pretty much a distraction when considering what is really happening. Developers are lifting the cloud, not the other way around.

The big guns of tech are aligning because they have to. It’s a defensive move to serve their existing customer base. It’s not like the old kings are showing substantial revenue increases for new software licenses. But consolidating power to offer legacy technology does show that the cloud is anything you want to call it. Read more »